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Vega was created to to produce a better and a easier aromatherapy lifestyle habits for social groups, while we set our sights on a life philosophy that values ​​physical, mental, and spiritual well-being. After years of research, we are proud to produce our newest line of Vega function.

- Feel better, get better, be your best self.

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No Nicotine

Tobacco Free

No Artificial Flavors

100% Benefits from essential oils and vitamins.


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Vega's The Ultimate in Harmony

Vega Function Series is a brand new way of delivering vitamins/supplements to the body. These vitamins and supplements can be obtained faster through the respiratory tract by using essential oils extracted from aromatic plants. Vega chooses the best ingredients for your body, focusing on high-quality products that provide essential oils and vitamins.

- Feel better, get better, be the best version of yourself.


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Vega relax It really worked for me, I felt calm in the midst of irritability.

I bought Energizer, he made me more focused and I feel like I don't want to smoke anymore

The shipping is super fast, I received it immediately, it is very comfortable to pump

I tried it for two days, and it was easier to fall into deep sleep. I felt that I could slowly adjust my daily routine. Otherwise, I used to get up every two hours, and the more I fell asleep, the more tired I became.

I start using relax in the afternoon and sleep well before going to bed, I don't feel tired the first time I wake up

The hangover relieves my stomach pain. Usually, my head hurts the next day after drinking. After using it a few times, I really feel that my body has a faster metabolism.

I really like energy, I use it every morning when I wake up, great product will recommend

Thank you for helping me with my sleep problems, will definitely repurchase

The root of hangover is an artifact, you won't get drunk while using it

Received, the delivery is fast, and the taste is also very good

I'm a fitness trainer. I bought energy to try it out. I like the taste of him very much.

I quit smoking after using this and feel better

My job is all day and night shifts. After my friend recommended me to buy a sleeper, I can finally sleep well.

The smell of relaxation is good

Received, really looking forward to it helping me

It's very comfortable to smoke and the taste is very like, there will be no discomfort at all! !

Item received, I like it very much! ! thank you! !

I like the taste very much, it will be too heavy to smoke, mainly because the taste is very comfortable and very relaxing, I will repurchase after use

No phlegm like e-cigarettes

The taste is too dreamy. The texture of the product itself is also very good. I can't wait to try sleep before going to bed.

Wake up in a good mood and feel a sense of satisfaction, like the feeling of turning on a new computer in seconds

I took 10 puffs the day before yesterday and slept for 8 hours

I tried it first to relax, the taste and texture are excellent

I slept very naturally. I didn't have the anxiety of forcing myself to sleep, I fell asleep naturally

I use relax and feel full

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